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Our Team


Kelly Bakst

Kelly has been involved with technology for over 30 years, working in a wide range of industries. Involved in healthcare, education, a dot com startup, the insurance, banking, retail and gaming industries, marketing was always his passion. He founded Volcanic Star in 2013, with his goal to deliver the same high level of service that makes clients ultimately successful to everyone we work with - regardless of size or industry.

Director of Traffic and Data Analysis

Bonnie Husebye

Bonnie is a Google Certified Adwords Expert, designing advertising campaigns tailored to your business. In the rare times when she is not writing compelling, irresistible ads for you, she loves to indulge in her passion for cooking, or her love of golf. She once played 63 holes of golf in one day. Bonnie is most well-known for her acclaimed Fire Baton act in high school.

Director of Marketing Operations

Anna van Tonder

Anna has a degree in Creative Writing and Italian from FSU. With a background in copy writing, marketing, translation and event management- the always social Anna evolved into a digital media manager, As a wanderluster, creative disher and food blogger, you can be sure she's always plugged-in, exploring and sharing. Fun fact- she once wrestled an alligator out of harms way.