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Author: Kelly Bakst

Conversion Rate Optimization.  Making your website or app convert (get more signups, more customers, more money) more efficiently than it does now.  No brainer right?  We think so too.  So why doesn't anyone seem to do it right?   When we started Volcanic Star, this was one of our biggest issues.  Actually CONVINCING people that they needed to look carefully at how visitors were making their way...

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Here are, in no particular order, the quotes we hear all the time about SEO:   “It’s just adding meta tags to your web pages” “There is no way to influence Google to rank you better” “All there is to SEO is adding keyphrases to your pages” “There is no way to outrank your competition if they already beat you to the top”   It’s hardly worth saying that these are all...

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“We tried PPC. It didn’t work for us.”   We get that a lot – we really do. And we understand. It seems like the easiest thing in the world. Just set up a campaign (they even have Adwords Express to walk you through it), set up a budget and a credit card, and watch the customers roll in.   But it doesn’t work that way. We’re not saying...

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